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Funny Love Letter

Funny element is always interesting to read and when you are writing a funny love letter to your loved one, it surely brings smile on his/her face while reading it. It is a light way to express your love and feelings to the special one. Add your personal experience in a funny way to make your letter beautifully presented. A funny love letter brings with a sweet note of love for the lovers.

Here in this letter, a lover writes a funny love letter to express how much he loves her in a fun-loving way. He also adds some special moments and that too in a witty manner.

Funny Love Letter Sample


James Charles

4073 Diane Street

Camarillo, CA 93010

Oct 30, 2014


Lily White

3947 Jones Avenue

Southmont, NC 27292

Dearest Lily

It is a note of my love and its words express a deep feeling for you. I love your presence that fills my life with happiness and joy. I want to spend each second of a day with you; but as it is not possible now, I love staying with our sweet memories that we both spent together.

You looked lovely on that day when you stepped into the water in your rush, but I know it was your shoes that slipped, right? I never forget those moments when I took you in my arms when you sprained your foot. I was happy to show my manliness, but your weight was not light at that time and I had aching arms next day. Thank you that you lose some weight, now I hope, I can run by taking you in my arms.

I hope to hear what is in your heart soon.

Thinking of you,

James Charles

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