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Love Letter for Him

A girl writes this letter to express her feeling of love by sending a love letter to him. This carries a romantic note to her lover that presents her emotion in a sweet way. The note is all about the love so that one must be thoughtful while writing this letter. You need to take time to choose your words that add a proper meaning to your written sentences and make it lively as if you are with your love.

Here in the example, a girl writes this letter to her closed one to say that how much she missed his presence. She recreates all the moments that they spent together.

Sample Love Letter to Him

My Sweetest Love,

My every moment starts with your thoughts, I am in a dream world where my day starts with your gentle voice that tells me to get ready for the days. A romantic thought always around me that takes me in the imaginative world. I love the gentle touch of yours when you carve a smile on my lips before going to the daily work.

When you take me around your arms, it seems the world lies within us. I am still waiting for this moment. When I am with you, I feel we are far away from the cacophony of the real world and the space is only made for us, no one comes to disturb there. Sometimes I wish you burst in my door and take me away. I will wait for that, but till then I love staying in my dream world.

Yours forever,


Given Below are a few Love Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Passionate love letter is written to express the love in the words to the special one.

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Love Letter to Father
A father writes this father love letter to express his love for his child.

Funny Love Letter
Funny element is always interesting to read and when you are writing a funny love letter to your loved one

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A first love letter is all about the first impression in a relationship.

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