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First Love Letter

A first love letter is all about the first impression in a relationship. This letter helps to go the relation ahead. Through words, you express your feelings for the first time to your special one, and you know that you can’t say those things in face-to-face. Your presence of subject should be interesting to read as you express your feeling to your loved one. You can add your personal touch where you can state your emotion to him/her. Do not forget to add what makes you to write this letter.

Here in the example, a boy gathers his thoughts to present how he missed his loved one’s sight. He gives his first meeting experience in this letter.

First Love Letter Sample


William P. Pittman

4072 Jones Street

Burleson, TX 76028

October 30, 2014


Anna Jenkins

3704 Dye Street

Chandler, AZ 85226

Hi Anna

Express my feeling through words is not easy to me, but that cannot stop me to write as I am always thinking about you.

Last summer holiday brought a special thing for me, because I met you. I love to spend my holidays in uncle’s cafe working there. You may not know, but I was nervous while taking your order. You were so nice to me that I came out from my hesitation.

I will never forget your order in cafe that is ice blended latte with less sugar but more cream! I added some extra chips on it and you loved it.

I love those memories, but as summer passed, I also missed your sight. Though I gathered courage to talk to you, but it was not enough. So can you make a plan for a movie sometime?

You can also call me at 029382933. I am usually free after 8pm. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thinking of you always,


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