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A letter to My Child on My First Father’s Day

A letter to my child on my first Father's Day
First Father’s Day Letter to My Child

Sweet Father’s day Letter | First Father’s Day Letter to Child

Looking for best First Father’s day letter to my Child? When its your very first Father’s Day, you are surely very excited and there are so many thoughts and feelings that you want to share with your child. The most beautiful thing you can do on this day is draft a Father’s Day letter for your little one. Letter to my son on Father’s Day or a letter to my daughter on Father’s Day will give you a chance to pen down everything you want to tell your baby who is small enough to understand anything but can one day read it and know it all.

In this post, we have come with a sample Father’s Day letter to my child. Just like there are Father’s Day letter from daughter and son, you can have a Father’s Day letter to your child.

Sample Father’s Day Letter to My Child

Date: June 1st, 2020

My dearest daughter,

First of all, I want to thank you for making me a father. You have no idea that how elated and blessed I feel every time when I hold you in my arms. Until recently I had all sorts of questions hovering me like whether I am ready to be a father, whether I will be able to hold you right, whether I will be a good father. Well, I still don’t have answers to those but there is one thing that I know now and that is that I love you more than anyone else in this world and I will be growing up with you, each day and will become a wonderful dad to you.

Your mom and I have taken care of each and every need of yours. We have designed a beautiful nursery just for you and have been reading anything and everything we come across to learn more about you so that we can give you the best and take care of you. You have no idea that we have shopped for what not things and stocked up everything so that whenever any need arises, it can be taken care of.

As it is Father’s Day and I am writing this letter to tell you that your father will always be there for you. I may not be the best dad in this world but I will certainly be the dad who loves his daughter the most. I want you to always be happy and healthy and I will make sure that that happens. I want you to always feel safe when I am around. I want you to be always smiling. I want you to be always my little princess.

You have no idea that since the day you have arrived into our lives, I am a changed man. I get up everyday feeling so happy and beautiful because I have you by my side. Each day is a new one and of course a happy one. Your presence in our life has changed everything and your mom and me are thoroughly enjoying it all.

This Father’s Day is possible only because of you. And I know you cannot understand what I am saying today but I want you to read this letter one day and know how special you are for us. I know you cannot buy me a present and you must not feel bad about it because you must know that you are the present for me from God and I am truly elated to have you.

With lots of love,

Your Dad

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