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Letters to Fathers on Father’s Day

We often fail to express our feelings in speech to the people who are closest to our hearts. One such person who means the world to us is our Father, who is always there to protect us, to support us and to help us face the toughest challenges of life. But no matter how much we love him or want to thank him, we often fail to do so. We miss the chance to tell him what he means to us, we miss the opportunity to speak our heart out.

This Father’s Day, write a heartfelt letter to your Father to wish him on this special occasion and to express your feelings and gratitude to him. This would be the sweetest token of love to your daddy. Have a look at the sample letter to papa which helps you say a lot which you haven’t for all these years.

Sample Letters to Fathers on Father’s Day

Dear Dad,

There are so many times I had wanted to tell you so many things but I failed to, maybe because it wasn’t the right time or place or maybe I failed to find the words that could express my feelings to you. Today, I am writing this letter to open my heart to you and say all those things that I haven’t for all these years.

I still remember my first day to school, how nervous I was but how beautifully you made me understand the situation. My heart still feels so happy when I look back to the most amazing childhood times when we would play games, you would tell me bedtime stories, share your childhood pranks with me. You filled my childhood days with wonderful colors that laid a strong foundation of my life. You made sure you spent quality time with me every day and talk to me on different topics from my studies to what is happening around.

Dad, I want to thank you for all your care, love, attention, time and guidance that you gave me. You have been the best father and the credit for my success in studies and career goes to you because it is because of your support, discipline and guidance that today I have been able to achieve what I aimed for. You made our home a beautiful place to live. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. May God bless our association always.

With lots of love,

Your son

Given Below are a few Fathers Day Letters sample for a clearer Idea.

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