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How to Accept a Job Offer in Email

When you have received the offer letter for a new job, professionally sending a formal acceptance is the right thing to do. If you are planning to send a job acceptance via email and you are not very sure about it, then here is this post which will help you deal with all the issues in this concern.

A job acceptance letter is nothing but a formal acceptance towards the offer made by the company and when you send such a letter then it shows your professional approach. This is also an opportunity to document your job profile, other benefits etc. which will be important for documentation purpose. It is always good to be cautious and smart. Such letters are short, smart and formal.

Deciding Whether to Accept or Reject the Offer

The first and the foremost thing is to decide that whether you want to accept the offer or decline it. This decision needs to be made after thorough consideration. If you are sure what decision you should take then follow the points given below in order to take the right step forward.

You should accept the job offer, if the following conditions are met:

  • All the terms have been negotiated as per your satisfaction levels.
  • It is the role that you want. The job description, roles and responsibilities match with your needs and cover the needs of the company, thereby striking a balance for you.

But you should never accept the offer if the following conditions exist,

  • The job profile or job description is not what you desire for.
  • You understood that this company is not a positive place for your career to grown when you were there for the interview.
  • The negotiations have not been made or negotiations made are not in your favor.
  • The negatives are more than the positives.

Steps for Writing Formal Job Acceptance Email

Follow the guidelines given below in order to frame a formal email accepting the job offer:

Be Thankful

You must draft your acceptance email expressing gratitude to the company for the job offer. This email should be written once you have made all possible negotiations and you have reached on to a conclusion. You must thank your new company for the wonderful job offered to you. You must mention the profile, the company name weaved together in a thank you sentence. Also include a line expressing your excitement to work with the organization as it will give a positive feel.

Express Your Confirmation

You must accept the offer by writing a clean and clear confirmation statement. In case, you were told during the interview for undergoing and passing some background checks or some medical tests then you must also state confidently that you have passed these tests, once the results are with you. You must include the date on which you will join the company, the salary that has been offered to you, the profile and the department in which you will be working. This has to be a short and specific paragraph.

Energetic Closing

Once you have included all the points mentioned above, it is time to close your letter with enthusiasm and positive. This is the time to share any other information which is required to be shared with your employer. You should be able to deliver your happiness and zeal to join the company.

Send this email to the hiring manager and make sure that you have your personal company in your file. If you want then you can also enable your email with return receipt so that you receive the acknowledgement once the email has been received by the manager.

All these guidelines should be followed while framing a professional job acceptance email. With these steps you will never fail to create another impression on your new employer.

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