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Sample Letter to Cancel a Water Service Contract

Letter example to cancel a water service contract
Letter to Water Service Contract

There could be various reasons because of which a customer can cancel the service contract but whatever be the reason, the customer must write a letter for the same. The Letter to Cancel a Water Service Contract is a formal way of informing the service provider that you no longer require the service. If you wish to disconnect water connection then the same must be informed in the letter which must also include other necessary details.

This post includes the letter example to cancel a water service contract. The Application for Cancellation of Water Connection is a simple letter which you can create on your own by following the template shared below.

Letter Format For Cancelling a Water Service Contract


Daniel Smith


Zenith Technologies

New York

Date: April 15, 2022


The Manager

Ace Water Service Provider

New York

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of our company, Zenith Technologies, to inform you that we wish to cancel the water service contract of our company with your company ‘Ace Water Service Provider’ effective from May 1st, 2022. We have availed services of your company from last ten years and we have been very satisfied.

We are now shifting our office to City Centre as our business is in need of a bigger space. Therefore, we are closing down our present office and we are compelled to cancel the water service contract with your company.

For all these years, we have enjoyed a wonderful business relationship with your company and there were no problems. However, now the situation is such that we have to discontinue with your services.

I would also like to highlight that all the dues from our end are clear and the bill for April 2022 will be settled at the end of this month so that our accounts are settled. We request you to please take care of all the formalities that are required to be done for the cancellation procedure.

Thanking in anticipation.


Daniel Smith


Zenith Technologies

New York

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