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Job Offer Letter for HR Executive

If you are appointing an HR executive in your company and you have selected the eligible candidate for the same then you must send a formal job offer letter to the candidate for the profile which consists of all the details which including compensation, date of joining etc.

Here is a format of job offer letter for HR executive given below. You can use this sample to create your own offer letter on the same lines without missing on anything important.

Sample HR executive Job Offer Letter

Jacob Brown

Human Resource Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

52 Richmond Street

New York

Date: 25th Jan, 2016


Adam Smith

22, Richmond Street,

New York 1234

Dear Mr. Smith,

I, on behalf of ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd., am happy to formally offer you the position of HR executive in our company’s head office in New York.

As discussed before, you will be responsible for taking care of the recruitment process at the branch. Please find a detailed description attached with the letter consisting information on your duties and responsibilities that you are expected to carry out on this profile. Your date of joining will be 21st Feb, 2016. You will report to Deputy Human Resource Manager every day and your working hours will be from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

You will be entitled to a salary of $ 5,000 per month which amounts to $ 60,000 per annum. You will also be entitled to other benefits which include health insurance, life insurance, sick leave, personal days as per the Employee Benefit Plan of our company. You can refer to all the benefits attached with the offer letter with complete details.

I request you to please confirm your acceptance to this offer by signing, dating and sending this letter. You can return these documents using the business reply envelope enclosed with the letter within one week of receipt of this letter. We have attached a copy of all these documents with the letter for your records.

We look forward to welcome you to our organization. In case you have any queries or you need any information, you can reach me at 1234-5678 or email me at [email protected].


Jacob Brown

Human Resource Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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