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Interview Feedback Letter

A company or an organization writes the interview feedback letter as to inform an applicant, who appeared the interview process conducted by the company, about the present status of the selection process. It is an essential thing that a company needs to maintain after completing the interview as it helps to sustain an applicant’s interest in your company. This letter makes a bridge between the company and the applicants, with that, an applicant can get the response regarding his/her performance in the job interview.

Here in the sample, a company writes this feedback job interview letter to an applicant who appeared the interview for the post of the production manager. The letter is to give the details regarding his performance in the interview.

Sample Interview Feedback Letter


James Rooney

45, Indus Valley, Western London


30th Aug 2014

Sub – Interview feedback letter.

Dear Mr. Harry

The purpose of this letter is to give you the feedback in respect of your interview process conducted on 25th Aug 2014 for the post of production manager. I would like to inform you that your performance was good at the time of presenting your knowledge before our interview panel. According to the report submitted by them, you hold a good position in our selection list. You will be happy to know that your name is enlisted in our top ten candidates. According to your performance report, your technical and analytical knowledge made no doubt, but your communication skill was a little low. As you have a job experience, your lacking can be overlooked. As of now, anything can happen so keep your hope.

We will soon get back to you with the final result till then you are requested to cooperate with us. I would like to wish you the best of luck for your future.

Thanking You

Harry Boston

Director (Recruitment Cell)

PLC Steel Corporation

Given Below are a few Interview Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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An interview request letter is issued by a company in respect of a candidate’s application for a certain post.

Interview Response Letter
An applicant writes this interview response letter as to confirm an interview invitation made by a company or an organization.

Interview Rejection Letter
A company writes this interview rejection letter to the applicant who appeared in an interview process conducted by the company.

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An interview decline letter is written when a candidate rejects the interview invitation from a company for some reasons.

Interview Offer Letter
A company or an organization writes an interview offer letter to inform its candidates for an interview.

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