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How to Write an Effective Delegation Letter

The purpose of writing a delegation letter is to officially inform the delegate of his duties and responsibilities, terms and conditions in relation with the job he has been delegated with. A delegation letter is usually written by a senior authority to someone junior. The instructions, terms and conditions in such letters have to be mentioned with utmost clarity while entrusting a particular task to the delegate. Delegations letters are generally written when you don’t have enough time to explain the job, the delegate is not available or you want to make sure that there is no room for confusion.

Anytime in your career you might need to write delegation letter to your junior to take care of things in your absence. Therefore, it is very important that you know how to frame such letters. You must understand that in order to have your subordinate accomplish the task the way you desire, you must be able to write an effective letter.

Steps on Writing Formal Delegation Letter

To make this task easier for you, this post comes with easy to follow steps for writing a perfect delegation letter. Follow these guidelines and you would never go wrong.

Have a Professional Tone

You must focus on keeping the tone of the letter professional and polite. This is extremely important as it is a formal letter.

Be Specific and Clear

While framing such a letter, you have to come up with clear instructions. Do not include anything unnecessary. Whatever work you are delegating has to be to the point.

Include Tasks with Deadlines

To avoid any confusion, you must mention all the duties and jobs to the delegate. Also include the time frame or the deadline to accomplish this task so that he can work with a date in mind.

Don’t Miss on Benefits

As the delegate will be shouldering extra responsibilities, he deserves extra benefits as compensation for his work. This should also be included in your letter.

End With Gratitude

Always end your letter by expressing gratitude to the delegate. Always thank him for his kind support as this is an important gesture.

These are some of the steps that you must follow while framing your own delegation letter with perfection.

Given Below are a few delegation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Sample Format for Letter for Delegation of Responsibility

Letter for Delegating Responsibilities for Absence from Work
If you are going out for a holiday or you are going on a long leave for some other personal reason then you must delegate your responsibilities or duties

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