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Sample Format for Letter for Delegation of Responsibility

sample letter for delegation of responsibility, delegation letter template

Delegation of responsibility is an important task and has to be done with precision. Letter to delegate responsibility is an integral part of the process. This is a formal way of handing over the responsibility to your subordinate or a co-worker. This document should include all the important details in relation with delegation to make it the document of utmost clarity.

We have come up with a sample format for letter to delegate responsibility to help you. Use this example delegation letter to draft a letter for your situation.

Letter Template to Delegate Responsibility


Andrew Smith
Marketing Manager (North Zone)
Goldsmith Health Products Ltd.
London (UK)

Date: 05.03.2018


Franklin Mathew
Marketing Manager (East Zone)
Goldsmith Health Products Ltd.
London (UK)

Sub: Delegation of Responsibility

Dear Franklin,

You are already aware that I am going out of country for International Conference on Foods and Spices from 5th March, 2018 to 10th March, 2018. Therefore, I would need you to take charge of few additional responsibilities during my absence.

I need you to monitor the marketing activities of North Zone in my absence. I have asked my assistance, Linda Gibbs, to submit all the daily work reports of my team every evening. I am also delegating you the power to make changes in the work schedules as per your convenience while I am away. Also attend the weekly meeting of the department scheduled on 6th march, 2018 on my behalf and submit your observations to the management.

I am sure you will be able to manage everything in my absence. I will always be available on call and on emails. I will call you as and when possible to keep a track of work. I hope you understand that this conference is of great importance to the company and I couldn’t have missed it.

It is not for the first time that you are taking charge of my work, you have done that before as well and I am sure under your supervision, everything will be good.

Thanks a lot for sorting the situation for me.

Andrew Smith

How to Write an Effective Delegation Letter
The purpose of writing a delegation letter is to officially inform the delegate of his duties and responsibilities, terms and conditions in relation with the job he has been delegated with.

Sample Letter Format to Delegate Authority in Absence
We cannot always be present at work as at different times we have to take leave from office for something more important.

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