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How to Write an Application Letter for Job Vacancy with Sample

We all want to job where we enjoy working. The first step to begin the search for a good job involves writing a simple application letter for the job. Because it is the very first correspondence you are going to have with your happen-to-be boss in future, you must make sure that you are able to create a good impression. The whole idea behind writing job application letter for any available vacancy is to earn an interview call.

To help you with “how to write application letter for job vacancy” dilemma, we have come up with useful tips to write a professional application letter followed by sample job application letter format.

Steps on Writing Perfect Formal Job Application Letter

Here are some essential and effective tips that can help you write an outstanding job application letter for different jobs like Application Letter for Librarian Position, PromotionScholarship Application Letter, College Application Letter, Internship, Teaching Position.

  • Include Your Contact Details on Top

Even if your application is impactful and interesting but the reader has to look for your address, email or phone number in order to quickly get in touch with you, it is not a very good thing to happen!!! Include your contact details right on top of your letter so that the reader has to make simply no efforts finding it. These details should include your name, residential address, phone number, email address etc.

  • Include Employer’s Details and Address Correctly

Take a step forward and do some research in finding the name of the person to whom your application should be addressing, designation of that person, company’s address etc. This would reflect your professionalism and leave a positive impact because usually masses don’t invest their time in including these details and often end up losing the opportunity.

  • Clarity of Intention and Profile

Because our focus is on writing a letter, we often forget to mention the profile for which we are sending the application. Instead, the best thing to do is to clearly state the profile and straightforwardly express your interest in it. The first few lines or paragraph will decide that whether your job application gets selected or gets rejected.

  • Don’t Make it Long

You want to make it the best and sometimes in order to do so, you end up writing a long letter. Employer doesn’t have the time to read long letters and in fact, they are sometimes the first ones to get rejected. Keep your letter short and smart. Include what is essential. Keep the sentences short and impactful. Everything that you write should in some way or in the other must be for bagging the interview call.

  • Mention the Reference of Vacancy

You must also clearly state that how did you come to know about the job vacancy. It could be an online job portal or newspaper, but do mention it.

  • State Why You Should be Hired

You have to tell about your experience, qualifications and strengthens which make you the most suitable choice for this particular job. You should present yourself as an impressive choice for that profile. Your qualities should match with the requirements of the job and that is what you must highlight in your letter.

  • End the Letter With an Expectation

Always mention that you will look forward for a response or call from the employer as it is the positive way to end a letter.

  • Sign in the End

Always sign your application in the end by writing “Yours sincerely” or something followed by your name and signature.

Sample Format for Job Application Letter


Andrew Smith
123 Golden Street
M: 9898989898

Date: 23.07.18


Ms. Samantha Joseph
HR Manager

Sub: Job Application for Senior Marketing Executive

Dear Ms. Samantha Joseph,

This is in context of the job opening for “Senior Marketing Executive” in your esteem bank published in Daily News on July 20th, 2018.

I have done MBA in Marketing from NY University. At present, I am employed with ABB Bank as Marketing Executive and I possess working experience of 2.5 years in the banking industry. I strongly feel that I will be a suitable candidate for this profile because I have complete understanding of functionalities of Marketing Department of a bank and I have good experience as Marketing Executive.

I would be a great honour for me to work with your prestigious bank. And if I get selected, I will put in the best of my efforts and hard work to work for the growth and development of the organization.

Will look forward for your response.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Smith

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