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Tips to write an Application Letter for a Teaching Position


  • They are usually written in business format. The standard format consists of the initial paragraph, a qualifications paragraph and a request for consideration for the position.
  • This format let the school / College Board know the reason why you have applied and the services you have to offer.

Specific and concise:

  • Make the letter straightforward and include all relevant details.
  • Try to be specific and refer to the job title as it appears in the notice. Include the school and school district, additionally.
  • Describe your strengths and experiences concisely.

Addressee salutation:

  • Letters should be addressed to a particular individual. If you cannot obtain a name, address the letter as “Dear Administrator”.
  • Try to find the name and title of the school ward contact before writing.

The Opening Paragraph:

  • Introduce yourself in the initial paragraph. Clearly communicate your personal details relevant to the position of teaching.
  • State the purpose of the application and introduce your qualifications to the hiring committee.
  • Mention the name of the publication or colleague or the other source that referred you for this position.
  • Write down a short sentence about your credentials and a strong point to prove your appropriateness to the employer’s needs, for instance, “I think my teaching experience makes me a strong candidate for this position.”

The Education Paragraph:

  • In this paragraph you are required to be explicit, not generic.
  • Include all the relevant information that you want the hiring committee to acquire the sense that you are genuinely interested in the position.
  • Make sure to include a couple of sentences in your cover letter about any significant experience or studies.
  • Here you can also demonstrate your efficiency as a teacher.
  • You can also include anecdotes about your distinctive experiences but keep them short.

The Request Paragraph:

  • State the reason why you are interested in the position, the school and the district in which you are applying.
  • In this paragraph you can request for consideration of your qualifications for the position.

Closing paragraph:

  • Wrap up your letter by thanking the hiring director or committee for their consideration.
  • Include a phone number and email address where they can reach you.


  • Read your application thoroughly to avoid errors
  • Make sure you have the correct spelling of the person’s names, address etc.

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