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Tips for Writing an Effective College Application Letter

Before writing your application, it’s better to review the instructions from the college brochure or on the college website according to your purpose of application. If you are writing an application letter for admissions, review the admissions instructions for the college you wish to attend and request an admissions package. Each college has particular and unique requirements, so make sure you understand them well. Here we are going to present some useful tips  to help you write a perfect application for college.

Format and Language:

  • Write your application letter on the standard business letter format. Use simple and natural language. Don’t try to impress the reader with odd vocabulary or complicated sentence structures. Let your personality shine through your words.
  • Determine the appropriate person to whom your application is addressed. Probably, to the Dean of Admissions.

Address properly:

  • Build your rapport by addressing the letter to the concerned person. Begin the letter with your personal information. Include your full name, address, phone number, email address and student identification number.
  • Include the complete address and spell the Dean’s name correctly. Address as Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss or Dr., depending on their designation.

Specific and Concise:

  • Try to be specific and concise. Let the Dean of Admissions know why you have selected the college and the course of study in which you are concerned.
  • Provide details on any high school courses or other training that have encouraged you to pursue your stream of preference.

References and recommendations:

  • When you apply to a college, you have to submit several things such as an application, high school transcript, score report and letter of recommendation for reference.
  • Colleges usually require two or three letters of recommendation from high school teachers, principal, employers, youth pastors or management counselors. Select someone who knows you well and can speak to your strengths. Approach your prospective letter–writers about two months prior to the actual due date.
  • Also mention about personal references, if any and attach their letters.

Personal Details:

  • Your application letter is an introduction of your personality so write down all your personal details. Including who you are and the type of college student you will be. You can also mention any volunteer work you have performed, school headship roles you have apprehended, honors you have earned, and other special details that help the board of admissions know more about you.

Personal Statement or Essay:

  • Also attach personal statements or essay to your application. Though one of the most time consuming difficult part of any application, personal statement emphasize on your enthusiasm. Personal statement or essay is usually about 300 to 500 words in length, seldom longer, depending on the college. Be sure to write in your own language about a topic exclusive to you.

Closing Of Application:

  • Close your application with a strong closing statement indicating the accomplishment of your desire. End with “Sincerely.”

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