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Final Notice Collection Letter

Final notice collection letter serves as a last formal notice regarding the due payment. This letter is usually sent after the two or three collection reminder letters. This letter informs the debtor that this is the last chance for him to settle the balance amount as court proceedings will be the next step after this letter.

The first two or three collection letters hold comparatively mild and friendly tone. Though, this letter is written with a quite serious tone with a hidden warning. It gives all the relevant information including the background of the loan agreement/ business contract/ lender- borrower pact and so on. It also provides the exact amount lent to the borrower and the outstanding amount with the due dates. It holds a clear message that the reader is forced to pay attention to the entire payment and take some serious steps.

Sample Final Notice Collection Letter


Mr. Wilber Ensor

Finance Officer

Wooten Lending Company

56/ 5 Wild Lane

Oland 68790


Mr. Daniel Sore

6 U Downing Avenues

34 Planate Street

Oland 65768

Date: 10 Jun, 2014

Sub: Final Collection Letter

Dear Mr. Sore

This is to remind you of your ensuing balance for your loan that you have been availed from Wooten Lending Company on 11 March, 2013. I would like to notify you that this is the last warning about the due payment amount of 000 USD.

You are requested to contact us to fix an immediate appointment regarding this issue. Our finance officers are always there to help you in making the payments of the loan that we granted you. We are free to arrange some flexible payment structures. You are also welcomed to suggest any other mean of the clearance of this amount.

Please contact us by 20 February, 2014. If you cannot come to our office, we will consider you as you want to meet us in court. Please consider this as a warning. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,

Wilber Ensor

Finance Officer

Wooten Lending Company

Given Below are a few collection letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Bad Check Collection Letter
A bad check collection letter is generally written as a formal notification after receiving a bad check. It requests the sender to collect the bad check and promptly settle the payment with a valid one.

Bad Debt Collection Letter
Bad check collection letter serves as a final formal notice reminding about the nonpayment. This is usually written by the debt collection agency hired by another company.

Collection Letter for Dental Offices
Collection letter for dental offices is the best effort to motivate and encourage the patient to pay the outstanding amount promptly.

Collection Letter for Rent
Collection letter for rent is usually written by landlord to notify the tenant regarding the nonpayment of rent amount.

Collection Settlement Letter
Collection agencies send a letter on behalf of another company for the settlement of the outstanding payment.

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