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Employment Follow up Letter

Employment follow up letter is generally written to appreciate for the work of an individual for a certain company. This is a great tool to encourage people about their work efficiency and make them believe that they can build an energetic work force in the near future. This letter is written to those people who have finished their given task in order to gaining the experience of work life that makes an easy going path for their bright career.

This type of letter inspires people to put more effort to make their goal clear. On company’s part, it shows its interest in recruiting the young work force to increase the performance of the company. If you want to write a perfect employment follow up letter, you need to go through the tips of the letter along with the samples provided bellow. Here this letter depicts that a local company to an employer who has just completed his terms of working.

As it depends on the company in which way it conveys its message to the employee, you can find many styles of employment follow up letter. Here a sample is given to draft your letter in a beautiful way.

Employment Follow up Letter Sample

1st May 2010


Mr R Jones


CA23 4RF


Mr Sam Johnson,

24 Main Street


CA23 6TG

Subject: Follow up letter after employment

Dear Mr Johnson,

I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of the company to thank you for working with us, though it was just for the two weeks, but the way you performed left no corner of doubt on your dedication to the work.

We appreciate your hard working character and it is for youngsters like you, who change the outlook of the work ability. In keeping this view, we would like to give you the opportunity to grow your early work experience with us. It is true that you have the indomitable energy, but all goes in vein, if you not properly channelize it. So, opt for us to be your guide in that in turn makes your career bright.

If our offering entices you, feel free to contact us and on our side, we give everything that makes you comfort. For the official interview, our HR department is always there to give you a date and time as early as possible. We are sure that partnership with you is going for a long way.

Yours faithfully,

Mr R Jones

Given Below are a few Follow Up letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Follow up Letter after no Response Template

Follow up Letter for Job Application Status after Interview
We are all eager to know the results of the interview. Therefore, it is always a good idea to write a follow up letter.

Application Follow up Letter Format
Application follow up letter is written on behalf of the company to its applicants who have send their application based on the company’s recruitment.

Follow up Thank You Letter Sample
The essence of this letter is to give a response on a thank you letter that was received earlier by an individual or a company. The Follow Up Thank You Letter has no bar in topics, anyone can write his/her note based on their personal interest.

Follow Up Letter After Meeting
It is a follow up letter after the meeting has conducted. This type of letter is written to inform the staff about some changes, which are made in the meetings on rules and regulations of the works.

Follow Up Letter After Job Interview
Follow up letter after a job interview is a formal letter written to express your gratitude to the company where you have been recently interviewed. It is not only a formal way to express thankfulness for the chance of interview but also a best way to inform the company that you are really interested in the job.

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