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Follow Up Letter After Meeting

It is a follow up letter after the meeting has conducted. This type of letter is written to inform the staff about some changes, which are made in the meetings on rules and regulations of the works. This is an important tool for a company to convey the information about the recent modification, which are welcomed to give the boost of the growth of a company. Along with covering up all the necessary steps, this letter clarifies the task of each department of a company.

If you want to take your company at a lead position, it involves a great deal of work to maintain a certain way in which your workers are bound with responsibility. To keep your employees updated, you need to write this type of letter that comprises of all information.

There are many examples to write down follow up letter after meeting, below is provided a sample to give you the idea of how to sketch your thoughts.

Sample Follow Up Letter After Meeting


Jaime M . Leday,

Managing Director,

Hitech CNC,


July 11, 2014

Dear Staffs,

Ref: Followup letter after the meeting.

I would like to congratulate all who were attaining the meeting to make it successful in the sense of what we have expected, we went accordingly. It is no doubt to say that we covered up all the issues, for which we gathered.

If I consider the details about the meeting, then I have to tell that the four hour long discussion, started from 11 am, brings fruitful effect for our company that helps to clear all the shortcomings, on which it is running at present. Among the many concerns which we have taken during the meeting, the company’s rules are the most important part which binds the all staff in a single entity and prohibits them to breach any terms of the company. These rules are applied on each department of the company, including operators, setters, programmers, account staffs, packing unit staffs and office boys.

Not only that, but also we discussed the duties and responsibilities of the staffs. To make the whole maintenance task easier, each staff, given responsibility for the CNN machine operation, is accompanied by three other operators. The main work of the staff is to allot the work among the operators in such way that machine cannot run ideally at point without lagging with work load.

In the meeting, the shifting system of working has also taken our attention and for our staffs and workers, it was decided to include morning and night shift. In addition, it was also maintained that staffs and operators, allotted for one machine, should not take charge another machine at any cost to avoid any damages as all machines are different in operation.

It was also noted that, in order to take leave, the staff should publish prior notice to his machine setter so as to he can arrange a replacement among the staff without harming the work. Though, if any staff fails to produce valid reason for the leave, his/her request may face rejection. Furthermore, leave often cannot be accepted.

The outcome of the meeting was stated that, the machine setter is obliged to maintain both the efficiency of product and the machine. To assist them in their works, staffs are there to help them.

We are happy to have you always on our side that leads the company to its success. As long as your cooperation is with us, we are sure to climbing up the ladder of the success higher and higher.

Thank you for your all support that brings the company forth in the race.


Jaime M . Leday

Managing Director

Given Below are a few Follow Up letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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