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6 Tips for Writing an Interview Thank You Letter

An interview thank you letter is written to thank the recruiter for conducting a good interview process. Below are given tips to write your own letter.

  • Use professional tone and language to write your letter as you address it to a company. You need to use a business letter format to draft your idea.
  • Interview thank you letter must contain a brief about the interview process, especially some points that help you in the future.
  • You need to mention the name of the post for which you have been interviewed. If possible, give some identification data, including the time, date and venue of the interview, to make your reader understand who you are.
  • The subject of the letter should clearly define the purpose of your writing without making any kind of ambiguity.
  • Give a note of thanks to your recruiter for conducting the interview process and pay thanks for his/her time and consideration.
  • You need to include your skills and qualifications according to the job area to make your selection process easier.

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