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11 Tips for Writing Effective Interview Invitation Letter

Follow these quick tips to make your writing effective interview invitation letter.

  • Compose it on the official letterhead of the company to make this correspondence professional and authentic.
  • Write it in the standard format of business letter writing.
  • Write the name, address and contact detail of the applicant.
  • Enter the current date followed by a crisp and clear subject line.
  • Write it in simple, understandable and professional language.
  • State the purpose of the letter writing in the initial lines. Inform the applicant that you have accepted his application and selected him for an interview in the first paragraph.
  • Write some positive line to appreciate the qualification and skill sets of the applicant.
  • Provide some details regarding the meeting or interview in the next paragraph.
  • Mention date, time and venue of the interview clearly in the last paragraph.
  • Provide details of all the documents required to bring on the day of interview.
  • Provide your contact detail and request the applicant to contact you for the further clarification.

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