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Tips to write a Welcome Letter for New Employee

Here we have provided some effective tips to make your writing successful new employee welcome letter.

  • Compose it on your official letterhead as this a formal correspondence between the employer and the employee.
  • Write it in the block style business letter writing format.
  • Make a precise, factual and focused message of welcome including only relevant information.
  • The tone of the letter should be cordial, pleasant and positive.
  • Write down your name, title, organization, address and contact details on the top of the left corner.
  • Leave one or two lines and enter the same details of the recipient.
  • Mention the date on which you send it. Write it down ion its full form as it is an official communication and abbreviated form may create ambiguity.
  • Create a significant subject line. Include some key information to make it factual. A crisp and easily understandable subject line delivers the gist of the letter in first glance.
  • Start it with a formal salutation according to the recipient. Address the recipient directly.
  • State the purpose of your writing in the first paragraph. Spell out clearly that it is written to welcome the new employee.
  • Open it with warm and pleasant manner. State that the company is delighted to have the recipient as its new employee.
  • Expand your message in the middle paragraph. Provide a brief introduction of the employee by writing some lines of praise in the middle paragraph. It will make the recipient realize his responsibility of the new position.
  • Mention it clearly, if there is any meeting, party or seminar arranged by the president, chairman or other authorized person of the company. Provide the exact date, time and venue of it.
  • If there is any orientation program is also followed by the joining formality, do not forget to mention it in the last paragraph.
  • Close it with some lines of best wishes and a welcome statement.
  • Write down a formal valediction and put your signature to make it valid.

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