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Army Transmittal Letter

Army transmittal letter is written to formally introduce a second or complimentary document, for instance, proposal, draft or a report. It contains only that information which is not a necessarily part of the accompaniment. It also serves as a professional letter sent to higher authorities before the submission of data account statements and reports. It is exclusively written to inform about the conclusion of transition of team. It also presents the recommendations of the team. It also recognizes the efficiencies and existed potential savings.

It is also commonly known as cover letters that accompanies the official faxes and emails to illustrate the content of the files attached to an email or fax. It is a form of business correspondence that is usually written in brief and conveys only the necessary information.

Army Transmittal Letter Sample


Colonel Garrison Corner

17/ 82 Kimonos Valley

Yellow Streets

Bloomington 6569

10 July, 2014


Colonel Farther Buffet

7 Metrics Building

Carmel Lane

Denver 4794

Subject: Army Transmittal Letter of Department of Military Affairs (DMA) Transition Team

This is to notify you that the DMA Team has visited the amenities to scrutinize the operations on 9 March, 2014. They have examined and undertake the areas of importance as requested by the Higher Authorities.

I am sending you the report of the DMA Transition Team. We have also arranged a meeting with various leaders of the Department. The Team has discussed with leaders for identifying their concerns.

I have attached some significant documents with this letter, which are as follows:

  • Terrorism and emergency retort
  • Major prospective savings of facilities
  • Modern methods of actions

I would like to thank you I want to thank the Higher Authorities, on behalf of the entire DMA Transition Team, for providing us the permission to assist in this effort of transitioning state government.

Yours Sincerely,

Colonel Garrison Corner

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