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Sample Letter of Transmittal for a Report

Transmittal letter for report is a formal letter which provides information on the report that you are submitting. It is a professional way of informing the recipient about the specific context of the report which also acts as a record that you have submitted the material. Such kind of letter is concise and informative. It talks about the purpose of sending this letter and sometimes it also includes the key elements of the proposal.

If you are also required to write a transmittal letter for report then follow the sample template given below. Use it in a personalized manner when you are writing such a document to some company or individual while submitting your report.

Example of Transmittal Letter for Report


Vicky Peterson

52 3rd Block

Richmond Street

New York

Date: 1st August, 2015


Mr. Anthony Brown

Internship Supervisor

Department of Business Administration

California University


Subject: Submission of internship report on “Changing Customer Preferences in Mobile Phones”

Dear Sir,

I am extremely happy to submit you my internship report titled “Changing Customer Preferences in Mobile Phones”. I was assigned to work at City Branch of ATT. During this span of six months, I have worked with utmost dedication and have tried my level best to meet the needs of the course and follow all the guidelines given by my supervisor to prepare the report. This internship program has been really very helpful for me as it gave me an exposure to the world of practicality and I am sure it is going to help me perform in my career in future.

I would be really happy if the report that I have created is able to serve its purpose. I would be available to explain any kind of queries related with my research anytime.

Thanking You.

Yours sincerely,

Vicky Peterson

Enroll No,: 123456

Program: Masters in Business Administration (Major in Marketing)

Department of Business Administration

California University


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