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Apology Letter for Cheating on your Girlfriend

Whenever you have done something wrong and you are feeling bad about it then the best way to express your feelings is through an apology letter. Cheating in a relationship is one of the most harmful things that one can do and the situation results into an awkward condition. If you have cheated on your girlfriend and you are sorry about it then you must write her an apology asking for forgiveness. Tell her that how important this relationship means to you. You must do it with complete sincerity and you must create a heartfelt sorry note which helps you mend the damages.

In such emotionally stressful situations, we all fall short of words. We have so much to say but we fail to express. To help you deal with this complicated scenario, here is a sample template sorry letter for cheating on your girlfriend. Refer to it for creating a personalized letter which expresses all that you want to tell her and apologize in a way that she accepts your apology.

Sample Apology Letter for Cheating on your Girlfriend

Date: 13.08.15

Dear Ana,

I know you are really mad at me and you have all the right to be. I am extremely sorry for what happened. I know infidelity is just not acceptable to anyone in a relationship and it is surely the most harmful thing in any association but all that I did, it just happened because of the situational factors. I never meant to cheat on you, I can never even dream of it. You know that I love you from the bottom of my heart and you mean the world to me. It was just one mistake that I made and that too because I was not in my senses.

My love, I cannot undo the things that I did in past but I promise that I will never ever do anything that will hurt you. I have had a lesson for life and cheating on you for one moment made my life hell. You seem so far because you are so upset. I cannot see you in such a bad shape and therefore, I am writing this apology letter to you because I am very sorry. I am repenting for things I did which I should not have. But please trust me, for every word that I have said is true. I love you the most and that is the end of world to me. I did a mistake and I am sorry for that. I can only promise that it will never happen again.

If you want then I can explain you in detail what happened that day and then things will become clear to you. But please give me one last chance to set things right, to tell you that how much you mean to me and I cannot afford to lose you.

Looking forward for your call.

Always yours,


Given Below are a few Apology letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Write an sorry letter to be very difficult, especially if you lie to someone’s heart than your boyfriend to write. Check in this example apology letter to a boyfriend.

Sample Sorry letter to Girlfriend
Write an sorry letter to be very difficult, especially if you lie to someone’s heart than your Girlfriend to write. Check in this example apology letter to a Girlfriend.

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