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Transmittal Letter for Proposal

Transmittal letter for proposal is a formal letter written by an individual or a company for sending a proposal to another individual or company. This is a kind of a covering letter which talks about submitting a proposal on costing, delivery of services or various other things.

If you also need to write a professional transmittal letter for proposal then use the example sample given below for framing a formal draft. Usually these letters are brief but informative and highlight the basics of the proposal to the reader. The template given below is a well designed letter which can easily be customized as per your need.

Sample Transmittal Letter for Proposal


Robert Brown
Techno Computers,
567 Park Street

Date: 01st August, 2015


Adam Smith
ABC Technology Pvt. Ltd.
B 15 6th Block
Jackson Street

Dear Sir,

Please find the cost proposal of my company M/s Techno Computers for designing customized computer systems for ABC Technology Pvt. Ltd. attached with the letter. ABC Technology Pvt. Ltd is a renowned name in the industry for providing best technology solutions and our company would be happy to offer our services for your new office in New York.

The cost proposal consists of complete information on setting up a unit your company desires to have along with the complete overview of the projected cost for this setup. We specialize in setting up the most complicated units in the least amount of time and at best prices. We have been in the industry from last 20 years and over this time; we have provided our services to various market leaders thereby taking complete care of their computer related hardware requirements. Our team works with great dedication and commitment to offer finest and fastest installation.

Thanks for considering our proposal. If you have any queries or suggestions related with the proposal, please contact me at +123-456-78 or mail me at [email protected].

Looking forward for your response.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Brown

Production Manager

Techno Computers


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