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Tips to Write a Job Inquiry Letter

We have provided best tips to make your writing effective and successful job inquiry letter.

  • Follow the standard format of business letter writing.
  • Compose it with a formal font style and in an appropriate font size.
  • Write it on a presentable letter pad to make it look professional.
  • Do not replicate your resume. Make it as a complimentary document to introduce you better.
  • Start it with your name, address and contact detail followed by the same information of the recipient.
  • Write some factual lines to communicate your area of interest.
  • Mention some of your skills to connect it with the work culture or goal of the company you have applied.
  • Write some lines about why you are so much interested to offer your services in particular company.
  • Draft it in a way to demonstrate your interest in the organization and convince him to contact you if there is any opening suitable for you.
  • Conclude it with a thank you gesture.
  • Provide your complete contact details and request the reader to contact you for the further clarification.
  • Mention when and how you will contact them for follow up.

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