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Tips for Writing Effective Internship Letter

Internship letter is written to compliment your resume at the time of application for an internship in a certain organization. An effective internship letter serves as a formal communication of some of your additional information, including your personal strengths, enthusiasms, skill sets, achievements and goals. A perfectly worded internship request letter helps you to win an internship offer letter from your desired organization. It helps you to demonstrate your work passion and dedication for the internship.

Although it is a professional document, it provides an increased sense of your individual and unique personality to your potential employer. There are several examples available of such letters but never follow them blindly. Always send a customized letter to a certain organization as a generic form letter usually fails to win a positive result. We have provided some useful writing tips to draft an effective internship letter.

Format and Language:

  • Follow the standard format of business letter writing.
  • Write a precise and brief cover letter for internship.
  • Use clear and understandable language.
  • Do not use flowery language of complex sentence formation.
  • Do not include jargon, acronyms or irrelevant personal details in it.

Opening Paragraph:

  • State the purpose of your writing clearly.
  • Let the employer know what you are applying for an internship in the initial lines of the letter.
  • Introduce yourself briefly in first paragraph.
  • Compose an attractive and meaningful paragraph to grabs the attention of the employer.
  • Express your interest and significance for the internship in a straightforward manner.

Middle Paragraph:

  • Mention your qualification and skill sets.
  • Explain your remarkable qualities and some relevant abilities in detail to prove yourself viable for the internship.
  • Add some of your academic achievements and volunteer activities.
  • If you have done some course work or co-curricular activities related with the internship position, provide details of that experience to support your application.
  • Enter some lines to communicate some of your significant qualities to express what you have to offer the organization.

Concluding Paragraph:

  • Write one or two sentences to again demonstrate your enthusiasm and seriousness for the internship.
  • Attach your resume with it and mention it under enclosure notation.
  • Request the reader to consider and accept your request at his earliest convenience.
  • Provide your contact detail and encourage him to contact your for further discussion.
  • Inform the recipient about when and how you will follow up your request.
  • Close it with a thank you gesture.


  • Proofread it again and again to make a flawless internship request letter.
  • Letter free from spellings and grammar error reflects your professionalism.

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