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How to Write an Internship Letter

Internship letter is an essential part of the application process for internship. It is usually sent along with your resume and work samples. It is addressed to a potential employer or organization. It serves as a formal request letter for an internship. It provides a declaration of your intention and a description of job position you are applying for. A perfectly worded letter can make the difference between acceptance of an internship and getting rejected.

Internship letter of interest demonstrates your interest in the job and the particular company. It generally follows the standard format of business letter writing. It covers all the essential information required for your purpose. It works as an internship cover letter to reflect your strengths and potential as a successful intern. It is the first formal correspondence that introduces your resume. Here we have presented some effective tips to make a successful internship letter.

  • Send a customized letter to apply for an internship as a generic form letter usually fails to deliver the real essence of the request.
  • Write a professional letter that complements your resume. But it should not replicate the resume.
  • Write it in a persuasive manner without getting into pleading tone.
  • Write it in an interactive manner to demonstrate your interest and knowledge about the job position to the hiring manager.
  • It is designed like a professional business letter with your full name, address and contact detail on the top.
  • Address it directly to the human resource manager, hiring manager or head of the department.
  • Start it with a formal salutation. If you have no idea about the concerned person you may write “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To Whom It May Concern”.
  • Study the website of the company and explore the other resources to gather enough information about the company. This will help you in your cover letter. It gives an impression of your keenness and excitement for working with a certain organization.
  • Information about the company will also help you further in writing an acceptance letter for an internship.
  • Communicate some rational points of interest to show you suitable for the position. Since you have no work experience, demonstrate your enthusiasm to win the opportunity.
  • Mention some of your remarkable achievements related to the intern position. Awards and scholarships may prove you as a feasible candidate for the position.
  • Proof read it carefully to avoid mistakes and errors. Send a flawless letter as most of the internship is highly competitive. A perfect letter demonstrates your professionalism and credibility.

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