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Tips for Writing Effective Credit Dispute Letter

Following are the few tips which a writer must keep in mind while writing a credit dispute letter.

  • Include identification information, including name, current address of the applicant and last four digits of your social security number. In addition, include the credit report reference number, if available, to process your request easily.
  • Clearly describe the problem about your account details and state your point in a direct way.
  • Be brief, clear and to the point. You need to use a formal tone to state your problem.
  • Write clearly or type your complaint. If your handwriting is legible then feel free to write your complaint, otherwise type it.
  • Include copies of documentation if available. If possible, attach the original documents which will support your statement. You can highlight the relevant points in the document.
  • Make a request to solve your problem as early as possible.
  • Ask your colleague or friend to proofread the letter. It is difficult to identify your own mistakes. So, ask your friends to check if your point of dispute is correct or not.

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