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Passport Renewal Request Letter Format

Passport Renewal Request Letter If your passport is going to expire soon then you must write a passport renewal request letter to the authorities to have it renewed. This is a kind of document that talks about renewing [...]

Interview Feedback Request Letter Sample

Not getting selected in an interview is surely a big disappointment for anyone but then taking a lesson from your mistakes it not something that everyone does. If you have failed in cracking an interview then you must [...]

360 Degree Feedback Request Email

360 degree feedback is a very important system in management which is used for receiving confidential feedback from co-workers, superiors and juniors who work around a person. The idea is get a 360 degree view of the performance [...]

Performance Feedback Request Letter

Every person desires to deliver the best performance but just performing is not enough. You also need to know how you have been performing. For that, you need to ask your senior manager or boss to evaluate your [...]

Feedback Request Email to Client

Whether you are in business or in job, keeping your client happy and satisfied is one of the most important things for you. In order to achieve this goal, you need to ask for their quality feedbacks which [...]

If you wish to transfer money from one bank account to another in the same bank or in a different bank then to make that happen, you are suppose to write a formal letter to the bank manager [...]

A recommendation request letter deals with some vital subject and that is why proper drafting is important. The tips given here can help you. The letter should be presented professionally with maintaining a formal language. As the person, [...]

Sponsorship Request Letter

Sponsorship Request Letter

An organization writes this sponsorship request letter in order to raise fund for a specific purpose, mainly about the social issues. This letter conveys a request to the business organizations to sponsor an event. As this letter deals [...]

A payment request letter is nothing but stating the subject of payment issue in a straight way. To write your letter in its exact sense, you can follow some tips provided here. You need to write this letter [...]

Proposal Request Letter

Proposal Request Letter

A proposal request letter is used in the business field to request for sending the business proposal as per the deal between the companies. Generally, proposal letter is written to give the details of any kind of business [...]

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