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Request Letter for Funds Transfer Between Accounts

If you wish to transfer money from one bank account to another in the same bank or in a different bank then to make that happen, you are suppose to write a formal letter to the bank manager or any other concerned person requesting him for transferring the funds. Usually such a letter is required when you have to transfer a smaller amount.

If you also need to transfer funds between bank accounts and you are not sure about framing a formal letter for this purpose then follow the sample template given below. Use it to write a customized letter including all the important information that is necessary.

Request Letter Sample for Funds Transfer Between Accounts


Jackie Brown

22 B Block

Swedish Apartments


Date: 27th July, 2015


The Branch Manager

ABC Finance Bank

52nd Harold Street

New York

Sub: Regarding transfer of funds.

Dear Sir,

The purpose of writing this request letter is to request you to please transfer an amount of $ 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Dollars only) from my account to another account in California branch of your bank. Please find all the details of both the bank accounts mentioned below.

Bank Details of Transferor

Account Name: Zenith Corporation

Account Number: 123-456-789

Bank Branch: New York

Bank Details of Transferee

Account Name: Hi-tech Technologies

Account Number: 789-456-123

Bank Branch: California

I have committed that the client that the funds will be transferred within 48 hours and I hope that you will initiate the payment at the earliest. In case you need any other detail or authentication then please call me at +111-456-789.

Thanking in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Brown

Given Below are a few Transfer Letter samples for a clearer Idea :-

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sometimes it just so happens that the organizations have to transfer the sponsorship.

Transfer Letter for Church Membership
Transfer letter for church membership is for the Pastors or the Secretaries.

School Transfer Letter Sample
School transfer letter is a request that is submitted by parents.

Letter of Transfer for Staff Location Place
There are times when company has to transfer some of the employees.

Employee Transfer Letter
Employee transfer letter is written to notify the employee about his transfer.

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