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Transfer Letter for Church Membership

Transfer letter for church membership is for the Pastors or the Secretaries to use for their administrative office when the church receives request for transferring the membership of a person from one church to another because of reasons like relocation etc. The authority to take a final decision lies with the Church Board and Pastor to approve or reject the request before sending the membership transfer letter to the other church where the membership will get transferred.

If you are not aware of how to begin writing such a letter then here is a template to help you deal with this issue. Follow this sample and customize it as per your need to frame a professional request consisting of all the required details that need to be mentioned.

Sample Church Membership Transfer Letter

St. Anthony’s Church

Letter of Transfer of Church Membership

To the St. Joseph’s Church in New York

This is to certify that Lucy Smith is a member in good standing of the St. Anthony’s Church in California and at her request is transferred and we very affectionately recommend her to your congregation.

We will consider her as transferred if her union with your church is notified within the period of six months from now. Otherwise, this letter will stand null and void.

On behalf of the Church,


Church Clerk

Date: 18th June, 2015


Given Below are a few Transfer Letter samples for a clearer Idea :-

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