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School Transfer Letter Sample

School transfer letter is a request that is submitted by parents to the educational institution asking for transferring their ward to some other school. While writing such a letter, you are suppose to be including the reason because of which you are requesting the transfer.

If you are also in such a condition then writing a formal request is necessary so that your child can resume the education at a new school with complete ease. Here is a format to help you write a professional school transfer letter for this kind of a situation. Use it to frame your own letter.

Example of School Transfer Letter

Richard Smith

22 Salmon Street


Date: 24th July, 2015


The Principal

Whales School

Ring Road


Sub: Regarding school transfer request.

Dear Sir,

This is in relation with my ward, Ms. Angela Smith. I would like to inform you that I would like transfer my ward to a different school as I have taken up a new job which requires me to relocate to New York.

The classes for the new session are going to begin from August 1st, 2015. And I would want that before the new session starts, my ward is transferred to the new school.

Please inform me all the documents that you will be requiring for making this transfer happen with ease. I would request you to let me know so that all the formalities can be completed at the earliest.

I am very thankful to the school for providing the best of the guidance and support to my ward which has helped him improve her performance.

I am very grateful for the knowledge that you imparted to my daughter during his stay at your school. She has had a wonderful experience studying under the guidance of the teachers at your school who have helped her have a strong base which is very important for every kid.

Yours truly,

Richard Smith

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