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Recommendation Letters

Recommendation Letter for a Teenager for Job

Letter Of Recommendation For a Teenager The Letter of Recommendation is a way of recommending someone for a particular job. The Letter Of Recommendation For A Teenager is not just limited to a job but it also works [...]

Recommendation letter for a friend

A recommendation letter for a friend is of great importance as it helps you highlight the qualities of your friend and how they are going to be suitable for the training or any other reason. The reference letter [...]

Army and Military Referral letter for Private Hiring

Army Letter of Recommendation Just like in any other field, referral letters are also used for recommendations for private hiring in army. The referral letter for private hiring in army are effective in suggesting someone for the opening. [...]

Sample Employee Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation holds lots of importance. There are various reasons for which you might a recommendation letter from your former employee or your manager. This is sometimes an essential document when you are applying for a new [...]

Writing a professional recommendation letter needs proper presentation of the purpose. You can follow the tips to write a professional letter. The letter format should be in a formal style as you are writing it professionally to your [...]

Professional Recommendation Letter

Professional Recommendation Letter

A professional recommendation letter is written to recommend one professionally according to the field of interest. The letter can be used for the educational and professional purpose and whatever be its field, the reason is same. The professional [...]

Writing a recommendation letter for colleague needs a well-presented content regarding that person’s skills and qualification. You can follow the tips stated below. Write your letter in a formal way as you are communicating professionally to your reader. [...]

Recommendation Letter for Colleague

Recommendation Letter for Colleague

A recommendation letter for colleague is written to recommend a colleague for a post within a company. Many companies prefer recommendation letter to recruit for a post so that the letter should be written in an attractive and [...]

Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies

Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies

A recommendation letter for higher studies is written to recommend a student for getting higher study from an educational institution. Generally an educational authority of that student writes this letter to the concerned department as to recommend the [...]

Writing a scholarship recommendation letter needs a proper presentation of a student’s academic as well as economic background. For an effective letter, you can follow the tips stated here. Write your letter in a formal way as you [...]

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