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Employment Contract Renewal Application Letter

If the employment contract is going to end soon and you wish to have it renewed then one must write a formal employment contract renewal application letter to the company expressing the same. This kind of a renewal [...]

Sample Employment Certificate Templates, Certificate Format

Employment Certificate Templates An employment certificate is issued to each and every employee of the organization when the employment period of the employee ends. This document forms an important part of the relationship shared between an employer and [...]

sample certification letter of knowing a person

Certification Letter of Knowing a Person Sample

Whenever you change a job, having a certification letter from your ex-boss from your previous organization which tells about your good qualities, your achievements, your conduct and other important things related with your previous employment have a strong [...]

HR Letter for Employment Verification

The purpose of an employment verification letter is to confirm the present or the former employee’s employment status with the company. This is generally written when a request for employment verification is submitted from some government agency or [...]

An employment reference letter is made for the employment purpose. Getting a desired job is difficult nowadays and that is why people use some ways to present their skills in a more effective way and employment reference letter [...]

When one applies for the bank loan, it is necessary to produce the employment verification letter of the concerned person. A bank needs this employment verification letter in order to make sure that the applicant has a stable [...]

Interview Letter for Employment

Interview Letter for Employment

An interview letter of employment is issued to inform a candidate about his/her employment after going through the interview conducted by the concerned company. A company or an organization writes this letter according to its process of recruitment [...]

Employment Inquiry Letter

Employment Inquiry Letter

The Employment Inquiry Letter is for acquiring information on the job vacancies. This type of letter is mainly written for applying a certain job in a company. Through this, one tries to project that how eligible he/she is [...]

Sample Employment Follow up Letter

Employment Follow up Letter

Employment follow up letter is generally written to appreciate for the work of an individual for a certain company. This is a great tool to encourage people about their work efficiency and make them believe that they can [...]

Recommendation Letter from Employer

Recommendation Letter from Employer

Recommendation letter from employer is an official letter to provide reference to some of the good employee of the organization. It is also commonly known as a reference letter. If an employee plans to leave the organization on [...]

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