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Employment Inquiry Letter

The Employment Inquiry Letter is for acquiring information on the job vacancies. This type of letter is mainly written for applying a certain job in a company. Through this, one tries to project that how eligible he/she is for the vacancy. It also is to convey the writer’s interest about a certain company.

If you do not know how to start your Employment Inquiry Letter example, you can take the idea from the sample stated below.

Sample Employment Inquiry Letter


Mr. Gavin Smith


London, E2 0SD

July 24, 2014


Mr. George Jones

Human Resources Office

People Publishing Inc.

East Ham

London, E7 6BN

Dear Mr. Jones,

Warm greetings!

I am interested in being considered for a position in your research department. As per your requirement, I am highly experienced in this field; in addition, my skills perfectly go with what you are searching for this position. Besides this, over the times, I grow my knowledge in different types of research and I keep an eye on the advances in the research technology.

My educational and professional life completely dedicated to the research project as I am a graduate of the University of London and after that I joined as research assistance in the same university for the five years. Now, I am handling the role of both teacher and researcher at the university.

As your company sets a mark in this research field, I hope my experience can lead your company further. To assist, I attach my resume and if you find it can help your company, you can call me on 020 8553 6018. I would be grateful if you give me a chance to prove my best.

Thank you.


Mr. Gavin Smith

Given Below are a few Inquiry Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Credit Inquiry Letter Example
The Credit Inquiry Letter is written when an applicant wants the complete information about the credit cards to choose the right credit which covers his/her demands.

Business Inquiry Letter Format
The Business Inquiry Letter is written for obtaining information on goods and services of a company.

Academy Inquiry Letter Sample
A student writes an Academic Inquiry Letter in order to get some information regarding his/her academic interest.

Job Inquiry Letter Sample
Job inquiry letter is usually written by an applicant to the department of human resource of a certain company.

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