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Credit Inquiry Letter

The Credit Inquiry Letter is written when an applicant wants the complete information about the credit cards to choose the right credit which covers his/her demands. This letter is an important one that makes the people knowledgeable about the credit cards. It is a necessary thing before applying for the credit. As there are many types of cards and each of them has different benefits, this letter helps an individual to go for the right one.

In the sample provided below, an applicant writes credit inquiry letter to a service provider about providing the detail data on various credit cards.

Sample Credit Inquiry Letter

Paul Jackson,

569, Alexander City,


July 25, 2014

Credit Bank of Alabama,


Dear Sir,

Sub- Inquiry about the credit services of your bank

I am writing this letter to know the various credit services that you provide to the customers. As you know, the right credit plan is necessary to carry out the needs, I would like to request you to give all details in this regards.

For my personal interest, it is important to know the features and benefits as well as charges and terms of all the credit cards so that I can apply for the right one, which satisfies my needs. Apart from this, I want to know the procedure along with the documents required for applying for these services. I hope I will get your response soon. Thanking you.


Paul Jackson

Given Below are a few Inquiry Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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