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Sample Birthday Love Letter

The most touching thing which you can do for your loved ones on their birthdays is to write a letter. The motive behind writing this type of letter is to share the wonderful thoughts and feelings. Actually, it’s a priceless gift which you can gift to your darlings even if they are your grandparents as well. Romantic birthday letters are sent on the occasions which are meant for the celebrations with the sharing of feelings and thoughts. The person who is reading the letter feels delighted as birthday love letter recalls their past events and feelings. It is a very interesting part and that shows the person’s curiosity that how much he/she loves you and leaves an impression behind.

Birthday Love Letter Sample


Joseph John

1568 Northside Lane

Los Angeles, CA 90071

May 21, 2014


Nishida Angelina

4535 Sea view Drive

Chantilly, VA 22021

My love Nishida,

What should I say to you even I don’t know but yes you are my wonder of my life .Every night I asleep and then got up each morning with a shiny smile with a hope to see you. As the day starts, your remembrance gets started. Today, we are celebrating the day when you were born for me. I am very much thankful to god who has made you for me and he is the only one who is keeping you fit and fine always

I want to let you know that my love and affection for you will never be diminished and will always shine even when you grow older.. You can always depend on me each day as I want to be yours and for your work as well. I want to stand with you in every happiness and every sad moment of life as you were with me till now

Today is day of which I was continuously waiting and that none other than, it’s your birthday. Your birthday for me is one of the most important day as compare to all other events. We will definitely celebrate this big day once I will be in town .

Finally, Happy birthday my love, and I thank you for being with me always.

Love with kisses,


Given Below are a few Birthday letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Writing a romantic birthday letter is a very wonderful thing .But to make it wonderful one should have the quality to write a good and effective letter which could leave an impression of the person.

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A birthday letter is considered to be an important role player in wishing someone on his/her birthday. There are many other ways to wish the birthday like phone call, e-greetings etc.

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First of all writing a letter is an art. Some people do have this art since birth and some has to inherit from their surroundings.

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