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Romantic Birthday Letter

Writing a romantic birthday letter is a very wonderful thing .But to make it wonderful one should have the quality to write a good and effective letter which could leave an impression of the person who is writing it. You can write this letter to your girl friend or to your wife as you can use lots of romantic words for them. Though it is a personal letter so you can write about your personal incidents as well in the romantic birthday letter. These types of letters should be very much soft with the heart touching words which could mesmerize your partner from his/her depth of the heart. Moreover, the romantic letter shows the feeling which you have about your partner. These type of habits makes the relations among two people healthier and strong from roots.

Romantic Birthday Letter Sample


Symond Jones

Sunrise Hotel

Ground Street,



Kalie Jones

Parle Street,

House #28,



05 June 2014

My Soul mate Kalie,

How are you, I hope you are doing well .First of all I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I wish I could be present today to celebrate with you but unfortunately I got some urgent work just because of it I had to leave from there. I know you must be missing me but do not worry I will be coming soon.

I still remember your birthday, 6 years back, when we had just started dating. Our trip to restaurant was amazing when you had worn the red color dress in which you were looking fabulous. The people around were looking towards you like anything. Then we went for a romantic movie and in this way we have celebrated your birthday. I should be very much thankful to you for everything which you have given to me in the last six years of our marriage, the kind of respect, the kind of attention and all. For me you are everything and the best caretaker of my life.

Moreover, I would like to say that I will be coming soon to meet you up there. Also, I have already made the arrangements for the party and invited the people too. So, I guess it would be a great celebration on the way and of course it would be followed by the gifts around you. So, all the best and enjoy the day with loads of blessings

Bye and lots of love and kisses,

Yours truly,


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