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Sample Apology Letter to Mom

40, Whitefield Street


12 April 2014

Dearest Mom,

I am extremely sorry for not wishing on you on your Birthday this year. It’s difficult for me to express how deeply I repent because it was me who was the first one to wish you on your birthday. I swear I planned to give you a surprise visit this time and I also booked my tickets but I really got stuck in my new project given by my boss last week. Mum, our company received a huge order and we just had one week’s time to complete it. I got so involved in completing it that I even forgot to call you up to wish.

I cannot express how bad I am feeling now thinking that you were alone on your special day. You’ve always been there for me, no matter how much busy you were. I know I should have at least called you that day and every explanation that I give will not return that special day. I am really sorry mum. You are the most special things that have ever happened to me and I am so much in love with you.

Belated happy birthday, mom. I know wishing now is of no sense but that’s all I can do. On this birthday, I want you to know that you are the most amazing women that I’ve got in my life. More than a mother, you’ve always been my best friend. You exactly know what I want even before I get to know. I have already taken leaves from the office and I am coming to meet you in the next week and have also planned a trip for just the two of us. Please forgive me and I assure that this will not happen ever again.

I love you mum.

Your loving daughter,


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