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Sales Inquiry Letter

A company writes a Sales Inquiry Letter to the departments, which look after sales matter of the company. This letter is also written when the management department finds any wrong thing in sales, then they write the letter for seeking the reason behind the loopholes. For any company, it is the common thing to ask the sales department for clearing the cause of poor performance in sales.

Every company uses a different format of Sales Inquiry Letter to state its opinion. Here a sample is given to clear your doubts about this.

Sample Sales Inquiry Letter


Ms. Gudiya Jeeri

Accounting Department

Superior Designs, Inc.


July 25, 2014


Mr. Faiyaz Madhana

Sales Staff

Superior Designs, Inc.

Dear Mr. Madhana,

Due to the discrepancies in your report, the account department would ask you to submit the adequate sales information as soon as possible. As per your submitted documents, your team succeeded to achieve the required quota for the last month, but when we checked it, we found that data was inadequate. The purpose of this is to make an inquiry about your sales statics, which you have submitted to us. In addition, it is requested you to show your recipes of expanses along with the copies of sales which you have made.

We hope to get back your response within two weeks after receiving this letter. As you know, we make the complete report of the sales and we need the accurate data in this process. Any loopholes on your side can make harms in the company’s reputation, so make sure your details are complete before the submission.

Thank you.


Ms. Gudiya Jeeri

Given Below are a few Inquiry Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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