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Product Inquiry Letter

The Product Inquiry Letter deals with solving queries about the product of a certain company. This type letter is written by anyone, who wants to know about the products. As it is a one type of request letter, you have to give a great deal of attention to write it. It is not only important from an individual side who writes the letter, but it also important to the company, to whom the letter is concerned. The product inquiry letter means anyone is curious about a product and tries to solve his/her doubt through this. It can be written by an individual to a company or by a company to another company, but of course regarding the product.

Writing a product Inquiry Letter Format is easy, but sometimes without an organized structure, it fails to make attention. To avoid this, a sample is given below.

Product Inquiry Letter Sample


Kugan Patil,

Services Section,

Gasom Industrial Agency,

47833, Orunda Lane,

Runadi, IU 3484


Mr. Arnold Graffer,

Customer Care Officer,

Halla Business Ventures,

3474, Kobe Avenue,

Jenseem, IN 4384

25th July 2014.

Dear Sir,


I am writing on behalf of the management of Gasom Industrial Agency to make an inquiry about the travel package provided by your company. Though your representative explained about the packages, but his explanation raised many questions about your services, and that is why I am writing this letter to you. I have found some interesting elements in your service and I would like to know more about that.

It would be appreciated if you can send complete explanations of this package along with images and features. After going through your terms and conditions, we will decide about purchasing.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Kugan Patil,

Services Officer,

Gasom Industrial Agency.

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