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How to Write an Invitation Letter

Invitation letter are written to invite the guests for an event. It could be either personal or professional invitation. Corporate or business invitation letters are usually written by the human resource department or the authorized person of the [...]

Tips for Writing an Introduction Letter

Introduction letter is a formal letter to introduce yourself in your work place. It is most likely written to establish a business relationship with colleagues, clients and customers. It is also the best way to introduce an organization, [...]

How to Write an Introduction Letter

Introductory letter serves as a formal mode to start a new business relationship effectively. It is one of the most common business communications to establish a great rapport in your work place. It could be written by a [...]

Tips for writing a letter for Interview

Letter for interview is as important as a perfectly written resume for winning a desired job. It is written to strengthen your job application. It helps your resume or curriculum vitae to stand out in the crowd of [...]

How to Write a Letter of Interview

Letter of interview is one of the most important documents of your job exploration. It helps you to make your request to get interviewed stands out in the crowd of resume and applications. Either you may receive an [...]

Tips for Writing a Letter of Inquiry

Letter of inquiry is a formal letter written by the head, chairperson, director, project head or the other authorized person of nonprofit foundations. It formally communicates all the essential information regarding their foundation and current projects. Most of [...]

Tips for Writing Effective Internship Letter

Internship letter is written to compliment your resume at the time of application for an internship in a certain organization. An effective internship letter serves as a formal communication of some of your additional information, including your personal [...]

How to Write an Internship Letter

Internship letter is an essential part of the application process for internship. It is usually sent along with your resume and work samples. It is addressed to a potential employer or organization. It serves as a formal request [...]

How to Write a Letter of Inquiry

Letter of inquiry is usually written in order to satisfy the most common questions and queries of the organization related with the funding. It is also send to ask some question with a slight change in content and [...]

Tips for Writing a Grievance Letter

Grievance letter is a formal way to notify your organization or employer about something which is unfair or inconvenient for you in work place. Writing a formal grievance letter is the best way to inform your management about [...]