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Apology Letter to Wife

If you have somebody who loves you a lot, you are really lucky. Having a wife means there’s at least one person in front of whom you don’t have to pretend anything. But sometimes, small fights and differences may arise between two loved ones, which either gets dissolved in a couple of days or extend for a very long period.

It is important to understand that fights and ego are not at all important and should not overpower your love for your wife. It is very important to work out the conflicts. In cases of prolonged fights, the trust in the relationship breaks which puts an end to this relationship. To avoid such breakups, it is important to realize your mistake and apologize for the same.

However, sometimes it is very difficult to accept your mistake in person, and hence in such situations writing an apology letter is a good option. If you think you have committed a mistake and want to apologize to your wife, write an apology letter to her, telling your realization about the mistake and how do you plan to amend it. Also mention your feeling about her. It is undoubtedly the best manner to finish the anger and hurt of your loved one as they read the letter and think about the conflict in a much calm environment.

Sample Apology Letter to Wife

Aprol 12, 2014

Dear Jennifer,

I am extremely sorry love. I thought I won’t be able to speak what I wanted and so I chose to write down my feelings for you. I know you are upset by our last fight and trust me baby, even I am very disturbed about it.

I know this letter cannot amend my mistake and rude behavior towards you but that’s all I can do to express how guilty I am. Honey, you mean world to me and I didn’t want to hurt your feelings but I guess it was out of my frustration at work that I shouted at you. I am extremely sorry and I want you to know how important you are to me.  I know even you are tired every day, working and taking care of our home and I appreciate your efforts.

Please forgive me baby and I promise not to repeat it ever again. I love very much.

Lots of love


Given Below are a few Apology letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Write an sorry letter to be very difficult, especially if you lie to someone’s heart than your boyfriend to write. Check in this example apology letter to a boyfriend.

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Write an sorry letter to be very difficult, especially if you lie to someone’s heart than your Girlfriend to write. Check in this example apology letter to a Girlfriend.

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