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sample retirement announcement letter

Retirement Announcement Letter

Retirement Announcement Letter is a formal letter to inform the employer that you are going to retire. However, the retirement may not be a pleasant experience. It resembles resignation letter and is written in a business format. It [...]

Tips to write New Job Announcement Letter

Follow the best tips given below on how to right such letters with effectivity. Mention the name of the company and the date of the announcement at the top of the letterhead. Inform the employment agency about the [...]

New Business Announcement Letter sample

New Job Announcement Letter

New job announcement letters are usually written by the person assigned for the job of announcing new and upcoming job positions in any organization. This is because as the company grow, so do their manpower requirement. This letter [...]

Keep the announcement short, pleasant, and concise. Make sure the reader easily understands the announcement. In the middle paragraph, give details about the new employee, such as past relevant experience and the names of recognizable companies where the [...]

New Employee Announcement Letter

New Employee Announcement Letter

A New Employee Announcement letter is a formal announcement about the joining of a new employee in a company. In some ways, this is also the most convenient way to inform office staff and crew to be ready [...]

To make your business announcement letter more effective kindly go through the few tips mentioned below. Be cordial and polite in your tone while writing such letters. In this letter mention all the specific terms and information for [...]

New Business Announcement Letter sample

New Business Announcement Letter

A new business announcement letter is a formal announcement of a new business opening, new business offer or any formal event. This letter can also be used to announce a new location, decision or any personal announcement regarding [...]

Sample Baby Announcement Letters

Baby Announcement Letter

Baby Announcement Letter is an informal letter addressed to close friends and relatives. This is a personal good news letter. It is a way of letting friends and family know about what is anticipated and how you feel [...]

Tips for Writing a Welcome Letter

Welcome letter is written to recognize someone who has recently entered in your personal life or in a good business relationship with your organization. As the term suggests welcome messages are addressed to welcome a person to join [...]

How to Write a Welcome Letter

Welcome letter is usually written to welcome a particular person or a set of people. It could be personal as well as professional according to the content and the relationship with the recipient. A formal note of welcome [...]