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How to Write a Welcome Letter

Welcome letter is usually written to welcome a particular person or a set of people. It could be personal as well as professional according to the content and the relationship with the recipient. A formal note of welcome can be written by the human resource department to formally welcome the new appointed employees or it may be for the new customers. On the other hand, an informal letter is for your friends, guests, new neighbor, and so on.

There are several examples of such letter, for instance, it could be for new students, new boss, new colleagues and so on. It is basically written to make the welcome warm and cordial so that they fit well into the new environment. A specific and sincere note of welcome is the best way to establish a great relationship.

Here we have provided some effective tips to make your welcome letter perfect.

  • State your purpose of writing in the opening paragraph. Spell out exactly for what you are writing this with the definite date, timing and venue.
  • Write some lines to highlight the importance and uniqueness of the reason behind the welcome letter. Provide some genuine and authentic reason.
  • Enter some lines of appreciation in sincere tone to express that how much the recipient is important and special. Use sincere and polite tone as too personal compliment usually fades your credibility.
  • First paragraph is the place to break the exact purpose of your writing. There is no need to go deep into detail.
  • Provide the key information of that particular occasion in the middle paragraph to convey your message clearly. If you are writing this to welcome some of your close friends or family members, write some cordial lines and request them to join you on the certain event.
  • If it is a business welcome letter, explain the purpose of invitation clearly in the middle paragraph. If there is any lunch or dinner included in it, provide clear information of it. Business welcome letters are formal letters so it may require handling with professional approach.
  • If you are offering some assistance, mention it clearly in the last paragraph. For instance, if you are providing any pick and drop service, provide the details of it to make it approachable for the recipient.
  • Reiterate the important dates and the event again with its venue in the last paragraph.
  • Close it with a warm and friendly closure notation. Write some sentences explaining that you are really waiting for the recipient. Express your eagerness to meet him with enthusiasm.
  • Provide your contact details and request them to contact you in case of any further assistance.
  • Again repeat the notion of “welcome” in some attractive way. It will make your invitation more cordial and personal.
  • Write an appropriate valediction. If it is person letter you can choose valediction according to your choice but if it is formal message, write official closure notation.
  • Proofread it carefully to insure that you have included all the required information. Remove if there is any grammatical, spelling or punctuation error in it. Always send perfectly worded and error free letter as it demonstrates your credibility and avoids the ambiguity.

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