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No Objection Certificate (NOC) Format for Change/Another Job

NOC Letter Format for Job Change, Sample No Objection Certificate
Sample NOC Letter Format for Job Change

No Objection Certificate Format for Another Job is issued by an organization to acknowledge that the organization has no objection to letting their employee continue their work in a different organization.

This NOC format provides reassurance to a new employer that the employee has resigned, served their notice, and cleared all their dues with their previous employer. This letter also serves as a recommendation for the employee stating their skills and contribution to the previous workplace.

You can send a Request Letter for NOC for Applying Another Job for this certificate. After filling a NOC request letter format for job change, you can ask your organization to fill the NOC Letter Format for Job Change given below:

Sample NOC Letter Format for Job Change

Date: _________________

Place: _________________________

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that Mr./MS ________ has submitted his/her resignation letter to us. He/she has worked with us from __________ (joining date) to ________ (relieving date) as a ___________(designation). We hereby issue this no objection certificate as per his/her request. The management has accepted his/her resignation. He/she has served the notice period in our organization and doesn’t have any outstanding dues towards us.

Here are the details of his/her service:

  • Employee ID:
  • Father’s name:
  • Designation:
  • Department:

We don’t have any objection for him/her to join any new job. We would recommend him/ her to any organization as he/she is sincere and hardworking, and contributed significantly to our organization.

For the _______________ (Company Name).

Signature with office seal.

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