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Love Letter to Girlfriend

A love letter to girlfriend is written to express what a boy thinks about their relationship. It can be a romantic or it can present a serious note regarding the future of their relationship. Whatever the reason is behind writing this letter, the main purpose of this is to state what you think, this needs to be known by a girlfriend. If you miss her, you can express it or if you want some time to stay apart to make everything normal in your relationship, you can present it without hurting your partner.

Here in the example, a boy writes this letter to his girlfriend that he needs time to make the relation as it was before and that why he wants to stay apart from her for a while.

Love Letter to Girlfriend Sample

21st Oct 2014


Mr David Smith

23 Abbey View

CA24 3ED


Miss Emma Jones

23 High street

CA23 1QA

Subject: Going for a couple of week

My dearest Emma,

As you know things are not same as it was before, so I have made a decision to stay apart for a while, I hope this can make our relationship sweeter. After finishing my job, I spent a lot of time with you and this thing drive me to take such decision. Before, the thing was different, I liked your sight coming back from my work, but now we hardly spend a minute without each other.

I also miss my old friends and I want to spend some times with them. Please do not get me wrong, I think, it is needed for our relationship to survive. I call you once I will back. It is not your fault; it is just like we need this break for us.

You always hold a special position in my life, whether we stay as a partner, or a friend.

Hope you understand me.

I will see you really soon,


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