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Anniversary Love Letter

An Anniversary love letter is written to wish your loved one for being together. It is a celebration as well as the time of recreating the past memories that you both spent happily; and through this letter, you want to express that you want many happy returns of that day. Your words should complement your feeling and it gives your reader the same emotion as you want. Do not worry about its length, as it is your personal note you can add everything that you need to tell your partner.

Here in the example, an individual writes this letter to his partner to wish her happy anniversary and along with it. He is recreating some of their special moments of the past.

Sample Anniversary Love Letter


Joseph D. Gove

1568 Southside Lane

Los Angeles, CA 90071

Oct 28, 2014


Michelle T. Nishida

4535 Broadcast Drive

Chantilly, VA 22021

Dear Michelle,

It is nothing less than a blessing that you are in my life. I want to spend many years with you. When I was alone, I thought about our togetherness and there was a story I made where a boy and a girl started with falling out each other and ended up with being together. It is our story and I want to say I love you so much and thank you for saying yes and since then my life has changed and I got a meaning to live.

My world is you and I cannot imagine anything without you. You are my sunshine and your smile lights up my life.

Happy anniversary my love and I love you so much.

With all the love


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