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Letter Giving Advice to a Friend About Study

If you have a friend who is soon going to take an important exam then writing a letter advising him about studies is a sweet gesture. You can always write him a letter motivating him to work harder and study with stronger concentration in order to deliver a better performance. Such letters have to be impactful enough so that your friend feels motivated to give his best shot. With an advice letter, you can share some helpful tips with him which can help him.

We have come up with a wonderful sample letter giving advice to friend about his studies. Use this letter to create a personalized letter with all essential points.

Sample Letter Advising Friend About Studies

Date: 01.12.2017

Dear Arthur,

Hope you are doing good my friend. I got to know that your exams are starting the next month from your email and you mentioned that you need some help in Chemistry as you are not able to cope up with this subject.

Personally I feel that before starting with me helping you with the subject, you should first find out that what the problem areas are for you in this subject. You must find out whether it is the organic chemistry or name reactions or inorganic chemistry that you need help with. Whatever is your weak area, leave that to me as I promise that I will help you understand it.

For instance, if you think that your organic chemistry is stronger then you must start working on it. Make sure that you complete this particular segment way before so that you can focus on other things later. Also make sure that you pen down all the important formulae and name reactions at one place so that you can refer to them at any point in time and learn them, revise them, as and when you are free. This would infuse you with a lot of confidence and would definitely add on to your performance. You have one month in your hand and if you will start studying chemistry in this fashion then you will definitely find yourself in a much better place.

We shall take up your problem area the next week and till then you can do these basic steps that I have mentioned above. One by one, we will focus on each and every point where you need more clarity. Remember, you will have to be consistent in Chemistry and you will surely be able to make a good score. Learn the name reactions and formulae by writing them down as this would help you know your faults.

Don’t get nervous or tensed as we have enough time with us and I will make sure that you are no longer scared of the subject. Just design your study schedule and dedicate 1-2 hours every day to Chemistry and you will be sorted. Put aside all your fears and just study with complete focus.

All the best for your exams and preparations.



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