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Job Letter Writing Tips

Job letter writing is highly formal in nature as it is the first correspondence between a candidate and a future employer. Perfection actually counts a lot in such writing ventures. It provides you an opportunity to demonstrate your qualification and skills. It is also a way to communicate your enthusiasm for working in a particular organization. There are several examples and template of such letters to guide you how to write it. But it is always advisable to draft a customized letter according to your requirement. It may make your attempt attractive. Design it specifically for the job position you seek to serve.

It is also commonly known as a cover letter. Attach it with your resume even it is not requested by the employer. It helps your resume or job application stand out from the crowd. It may make the difference between an interview call and rejection of application. Make an attractive such letter with full of unique points as it is written with a purpose to sell your abilities and skill sets.

Here are some easy tips to make your job letter writing effective.


  • Compose it in the business letter writing format.
  • Write simple and meaningful sentences.
  • Get straight to the point without ambiguity.
  • Make a short and focused letter.
  • Address it directly to the hiring manager to give a personal touch.
  • Start it with a formal salutation.

Opening paragraph:

  • Provide details of your essential abilities.
  • There is no need to mention each and every qualification or degrees.
  • State from which source you have got the information about this job.
  • Mention that you are so much interested to offer your services for this vacant position.

Middle paragraph:

  • Do not replicate your resume or curriculum vitae in the middle paragraph.
  • Mention only pertinent skills or abilities.
  • Expand all those points that you have mentioned in the opening paragraph.

Concluding paragraph:

  • Summarize all the important points of the letter.
  • Request the reader to contact you on your contact details.
  • Write some persuasive lines requesting for an interview or meeting without getting into the begging tone.
  • Provide a list of the documents you have attached with it under the enclosure notation.
  • Close it with a thank you note.
  • Write an appropriate closure notation.


  • Proofread it again and again to avoid errors and mistakes.
  • Ensure that you have included all the relevant points.
  • Put your signature and sent it.

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